Monday, January 30, 2006

weekends are just too short....

doesn't feel like much knitting was accomplished this weekend, though i am now about a inch through the instep of the first jaywalker so i suppose i finished the leg, did the heel, picked up and started on instep so i guess it's more than i thought

ordered a 12" addi turbo in size 7 for "I Do" because i'm determined that i'm going to make it. the boy was looking in my email inbox for a message from our groomsman and clicked on the ebay auction receipt by mistake and was laughing at me for my needle addiction. i kid you not, he actually said 'i thought that box set meant no more needle buying?' bless his heart, in the last few weeks he's gone with me to buy a few sets of needles, and then i've bought a few sets when he wasn't with me ;)

on the wedding front, it turns out my dress fits perfectly now, i guess the weight gain in the itty bitties was more than i thought. so long as i wear a stick-on bra i fill the dress out just fine on my own, and all the altering i need to do is shorten the straps by about half an inch each. my grandmother marked them for me while i had the dress on, so i will be reattaching the straps this week sometime.

i also started on my veil saturday, and i have a crappy camera phone photo to show off:

all that's left to do is sew the swarovski crystals (in the color jonquil, a light yellow) to the bottom edge to help weigh the blusher down until it's time for the boy to lift it

then last night i was feeling crafty so i decorated our toasting flutes (sorry, i haven't uploaded that image yet, i forgot to send it to myself at work) and assembled the kissing balls, as shown in the photo below:

and a gratuitious (albeit blurry) ring photo for those of you who haven't seen it. it's a 1ct canary oval diamond with a triangular diamond on either side, set in white gold

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