Monday, February 13, 2006


i have now discovered the aggrivation of getting about 3 inches from the end of a hand knit sock, and finding out you don't have enough yarn. i refuse to go buy another ball of this trash (lion magic stripes) just to finish the toe, so i guess i will be frogging (and enjoying my ball winder yet again) and just making the cuff/leg part a little shorter. and THIS is why toe-up socks seem far superior in my opinion, but as my first pair of socks i wasn't comfortable enough to modify the jaywalker pattern to toe up. though i did find directions on how to do it so perhaps i'll give that a go this next time around....

i finally got my 12" size 7 addi circ and damn if it isn't hard to knit on such a small circumfrence! i started on "i do" and kept dropping stitches. decided to try to knit it flat and got a pattern repeat in, but realized that i need to modify the pattern to include selvege stitches to seam it up nicely *frowns*

i'm starting to think the wedding shawl/shrug/thing won't ever get started. i also cast on for 'cozy' to see if i liked that pattern better, and while it's been an enjoyable knit i really think i'd prefer something more like a shrug, so i don't have to fuss with keeping it draped over my shoulders

anyone know any nice long-sleeve lacey shrugs that would look good in a 80/20 kid mohair/silk blend? that won't drive a lace novice batshit insane in the 2.5 months before her wedding? i've done some lace before, but i don't know if it's the lace pattern or the yarn that's giving me fits. i've tried metal needles, and my denises, and it's making no difference. i have bamboos but only in larger circumfrences, and i really don't want to invest in YET ANOTHER SET for this project

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