Sunday, February 22, 2009


we seem to have gremlins in our house, or maybe a mischievous leprechaun?

whatever it is, something has swiped my potato peeler, and now my skirt/pant hooks are missing!

I've finished another skirt (McCall's 5429) but I can't find the hook closure, and I KNOW I have some since I bought a new pack when I made the last version of this skirt!

The last one was denim and was cute, but I wasn't very happy with the fit or the cheap denim I picked up at WalMart. This new version is a really nice stretch cotton-blend khaki, and (as well as I can tell without the closure) fits absolutely perfectly. The pattern makers seem to assume that all women are at least 6 feet tall so I've got to cut a few inches off so I don't look uber-religious, but again that requires the closure so I can accurately measure where to cut it...

guess I just have to console myself with this glass of wine and the homemade brownies that are currently baking...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The fleece jacket is finished, just in time for this warmer weather ;)

McCall's/DIY Style 5714 in polar fleece

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hooray for progress!

So I'm almost finished with McCall's 5714, just have to hem it and sew on the two snaps. Surprisingly the sleeves were a piece of cake, it really is true that using a LOT of pins makes set in sleeves much easier!

I dug through my old craft/Chi Omega box today looking for the old GRE exam prep book I bought 11 years ago. Did not find it (think I tossed it when I realized I wasn't going to grad school anytime soon) but I DID find the missing pattern I've been searching for off and on for the last year.

Bought this when I first started belly dancing but it was delayed by the publisher, so it did not come in until after my first hafla, so I'd already made my own costume based off tips and tricks I'd found online. I've no idea how the pattern ended up in this box but I sure am glad to have found it. Also found a bunch of old photos in there, including one of me and my mom on my 16th birthday.

And as for why I was digging around in the box in the first place, I have decided (after 11 years) to apply for graduate school for a Masters in Project Management. I'm planning to enroll in Penn State's program this fall, so wish me luck! Just ordered two GMAT exam prep books so I can go ahead and start studying, I'm afraid my math skills might be a bit rusty...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

where the heck does the time go?

actually I know where it my employers and clients, that's where!

I made quite a bit of progress on my latest sewing project last weekend, McCall's 5714 fleece jacket ( - I'm making the orange one on the model but in a charcoal gray color) but I've had absolutely no time on the machine since I went back to work Monday.

Guess I could have made time today but darn it, I worked HARD this week and I just wanted to spend some time curled up in my chair with a good book or running errands with my hubby!

Maybe tomorrow I'll finish it up, now that it's getting warmer and I probably won't get a chance to wear it until next winter!

I'm also ashamed to report I've done NO exercising for the last couple of weeks. Got a few new videos to try out but due to the aforementioned lack of free time I can't get motivated enough to head upstairs to my workout area to give them a try. Maybe tomorrow will be the least I can report that eating healthier (and taking Alli) is actually making a difference as I've dropped below 140lbs for the first time in as long as I can remember. Stephen has already dropped about 15 lbs since Christmas, but I've only lost 5 or so.

Hopefully my next post will be much more exciting, with photos of completed projects or something actually interesting to report!