Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well my Denise set arrived yesterday so I spent a while playing with it. Put the 7's on there and cast on for I Do again, only to get an interesting problem - the shortest cable in the kit makes you have 17" circs, the pattern calls for 16" circs. Apparently that 1" makes a world of difference because there was absolutely NO way that I was going to get the stitches around to join the first round. After that first round it wouldn't be an issue because of all the YOs but it just wasn't happening. When I cast on last week I was using size 8 16" and had no problems but whatever, it seems that this yarn is insisting that it DOES NOT want to be I Do.

So I suppose I'll cast on for Cozy again tonight, though Clapotis is chiming in that she'd like a shot too and I know that's a fun pattern that won't interrupt my TV watching/wine drinking habits too much ;)

Hey Miss Julia, do you reckon you can help me set this here blog up better? Yeah yeah I know, I'm a web designer so I should be able to do it with no problems but I can't find all the options in the blogger interface and I really like how you customized yours so thought I'd pick your brain for some pointers ;)


Johnny Stiletto said...

hahahaha. i didn't really customize mine; it's just the template (just go to 'pick new' - i use 'rounders 4') i chose. the only thing i did do is add some links to the sidebar by adding the html to the TEMPLATE.

however, if you have any questions, just ask!

artemis9976 said...


i made some modifications, filled out my profile, etc. now let's just wait for blogger to update the changes so i can actually see them!