Friday, January 27, 2006

socks and mohair and interviews, oh my!

the 2nd incarnation of jaywalker is coming along quite well. i'm about 4 inches in to the first sock and will probably start the heel flap soon as i don't like really tall socks (and i'm impatient too, don't let me fool you) ;)

the unidentified wedding shawl/shrug/thing is still in the 'squishy balls of white fluff' stage. i'm being incredibly indecisive about what i want to make with it. i'm going to my grandmothers for a dress fitting tomorrow (we're going to see if we can alter the bodice a bit since my itty bitties aren't filling the top out) so i'll see if i can't remember to take my digicam and get a picture so perhaps someone can help me determine which shawl/shrug/thing will go best with the dress

my sweet baboo is in a job interview right now so for once i've got something other than yarn and tulle on the brain....y'all keep your fingers crossed for him! base salary is more $, the comission percentage is higher, and it's a mon-fri only job so we'll actually have the same days off for a change!

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Johnny Stiletto said...

my flower petal wip is starting to resemble a giant wadded up black towel. i hated that a bunch of nonknitters at work today saw it and looked weirdly at me when i said it was a lace shawl.