Wednesday, January 25, 2006

well here we go, i'm going to attempt to actually use this thing as my knitting blog

can't promise wedding stuff won't sometimes take over but considering that some of my current knitting is for the wedding, it's bound to happen at least once or twice ;)

i am currently working on the jaywalker socks, i got 3/4 of the way through the first one, realized that it was gonna be too small and ripped it out to start over last night. i'm a few repeats into the zigzag pattern and enjoying the new sock just as much as i did the first attempt so i'm not too disappointed about the frogging. i rather figure i'm getting more knitting pleasure for the money this way ;)

i started the unknown wedding shawl/thing last week, started "I Do" three times, ripped it out three times. started "Cozy" two times, ripped it out two times. i'm not sure if the problem is the yarn (80% kid mohair, 20% silk), the needles (only had aluminum circs in the required sizes, though my Denises should be waiting for me when i get home), or the knitter trying to do lace while watching forensics shows on tv and drinking wine ;)

i've also got some yummy merino all set to knit my sweet bald fiance a 'bogan' but it hasn't moved beyond the balled stage so far. well that's not entirely true, i knit a 'bogan' but he wanted one longer so i kept the first and will make him one to match it, but with a longer brim and perhaps a few repeats of the straight rows to make the body a bit longer. it's the girl from auntie celtic cable cap pattern and was a rather fun knit so i'm looking forward to another one (and then perhaps 2 more as my parents have seen the pattern and quite liked it)

so now i have documented my WIP and soon-to-be WIPs. next time i will take photos of my recently completed FOs for your viewing pleasure, including the before mentioned celtic cable cap for me, the fiance's fibertrends felted clogs (if i can get them off his feet long enough, i swear he's about worn them out already!), and the sirdar perfect pups stuffed dachshund

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