Wednesday, June 28, 2006

wha? twice in one day?!

I took some photos, never could get enough sunlight so I just did the best I could indoors against a white background (my oh-so-snuggly down alternative comforter)

Tempting II in all her glory (and no, I have not blocked her, and I wore her all day so she's a little saggy atm)

My 3rd skein of handspun, about 12.5 yards of corriedale

My second skein of handspun, and first attempt at dying! Unknown yardage, silk hankies dyed with fruit punch and lemonade walmart brand 'koolaid'

Now I just need to find a pattern to use for such a small yardage, because that blue stuff is FABULOUS if I do say so myself. Gorgeous color (which I can take no credit for) and much more consistant in the spinning (which I can) ;)


zibibbo said...

Heyyyy gorgeous hanklettes there. Love the koolaid colors too!

Sonja said...

Yummy colors!