Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm still here!

The Mr is out of town for a traning class, so I've been spending most of my free time on the phone with him rather than updating this blog like a good little fibermonkey

I do have progress to post about, and will try to get photos taken at lunch so I can show off a bit ;)

I finished Tempting II Monday night, and am wearing it to work today. It's pale yellow Cotton-Ease (color name is Banana I believe) with a real mother-of-pearl buckle. I did make a couple minor modifications, I k2 together all the way across the decrease row of the yoke, and attached the neck band on both rows rather than just one as directed in the pattern. I originally knit it according to the pattern specs, but the neck band was SO LOOSE that there was no hope of it ever staying on the shoulders of a linebacker in full gear, much less on me. So after a few minutes googling I found others had the same problem, and went with the bigger decrease and smaller band. I can now wear it to the office with no fear of bra straps showing, and that's always a good thing around this place (we have dress code nazis, I get busted for a bra strap showing through a shirt while other women have cleavage hanging out with nips almost exposed and they don't say anything!)

I also dyed and spun up my silk hankies. I completely forgot to take a photo of the dyed hankies, but I will be posting the resulting mini skein later today

I also spun up the dyed corriedale that came with my spindle kit, it's a lovely shade of blue. It's hanging to dry right now after setting the twist, but I hope it's dry enough for a photo later this afternoon as well

So now I'm without any fiber to spin! Oh noes! I'm starting to search the net to find the best deals, or the best sample kits so I can try my hand at lots of different fibers and see which I like the best before ordering larger quantities. The silk was really the start of the "oh! I get this now!" moment for me, and the dyed corriedale just continued that on. I'd still love to get some hands on training, but I'm not quite as lost as I was on the first batch

I'm still planning to go to my local fiber guild meeting next month (July 8th) and am looking forward to it!

One last thing, this is one of the wedding photos that just cracks me up! It's like 'who tipped off the paparazzi?!'

wedding chopper visit

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