Saturday, July 01, 2006

reason # 968765783452895630 why I love my Mr

Today was my very first trip to Knit Nouveau (link over in the side bar) and I have to say I WAS IN HEAVEN!

I browsed to my little heart's content for a while, and left with 8 oz of blue faced leicester roving and a set of Brittany birch cable needles. I could have gotten more, in fact he was encouraging me to get some yarn or another bag of roving, but I didn't want to go hog wild on my first trip, thought I should break him in slowly ;)

He also admired the Louet S51 wheel they had set up, and thought it was pretty darned cool. Seems like my man likes the look of the wheels I tend to favor, so hopefully I'll be getting one for christmas ;)

I showed him Kate Gilbert's Pea Pod baby set (link opens a PDF in a new window) last night, and he helped me pick out some yarn that I ordered today. I'm going to knit that up for my pregnant coworker, and he picked up some baby booties at the store and said I should make her some booties as well, and to go ahead and order enough yarn for the entire set ;)

So I've spun up a little bit of the BFL, and I just got back from Walmart with some Ben & Jerry's and a couple balls of Peaches & Cream to knit up a few washcloths. These little things are addictive! I'll probably be gifting the ladies in my life with some for the holidays, if I can wait that long! I also thought they might be nice for bathing a wee babe, or as a burp/spit cloth so the new mom might get some as well. It's nice having friends and family who admire and appreciate hand knits, no matter how simple or complex!

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Johnny Stiletto said...

I TOLD YOU!!! isn't knit nouveau fantastic??