Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hooray for progress!

So I'm almost finished with McCall's 5714, just have to hem it and sew on the two snaps. Surprisingly the sleeves were a piece of cake, it really is true that using a LOT of pins makes set in sleeves much easier!

I dug through my old craft/Chi Omega box today looking for the old GRE exam prep book I bought 11 years ago. Did not find it (think I tossed it when I realized I wasn't going to grad school anytime soon) but I DID find the missing pattern I've been searching for off and on for the last year.

Bought this when I first started belly dancing but it was delayed by the publisher, so it did not come in until after my first hafla, so I'd already made my own costume based off tips and tricks I'd found online. I've no idea how the pattern ended up in this box but I sure am glad to have found it. Also found a bunch of old photos in there, including one of me and my mom on my 16th birthday.

And as for why I was digging around in the box in the first place, I have decided (after 11 years) to apply for graduate school for a Masters in Project Management. I'm planning to enroll in Penn State's program this fall, so wish me luck! Just ordered two GMAT exam prep books so I can go ahead and start studying, I'm afraid my math skills might be a bit rusty...

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