Sunday, February 22, 2009


we seem to have gremlins in our house, or maybe a mischievous leprechaun?

whatever it is, something has swiped my potato peeler, and now my skirt/pant hooks are missing!

I've finished another skirt (McCall's 5429) but I can't find the hook closure, and I KNOW I have some since I bought a new pack when I made the last version of this skirt!

The last one was denim and was cute, but I wasn't very happy with the fit or the cheap denim I picked up at WalMart. This new version is a really nice stretch cotton-blend khaki, and (as well as I can tell without the closure) fits absolutely perfectly. The pattern makers seem to assume that all women are at least 6 feet tall so I've got to cut a few inches off so I don't look uber-religious, but again that requires the closure so I can accurately measure where to cut it...

guess I just have to console myself with this glass of wine and the homemade brownies that are currently baking...

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