Monday, February 27, 2006

2 months, 1 day, and counting.....

wow I'm not too good at updating this thing am I? Though to give myself a little bit of credit, I am in the process of moving so my days are generally filled with work and last minute wedding plans, and my nights are filled with packing/moving and sleeping.

I decided to frog the jaywalkers, and they're now neatly reballed and awaiting the desire to start over. I made the boy a celtic cable cap (girl from auntie pattern) which he loves, even if he did doubt that blocking would make it long enough to cover his ears ;) Now we have matching hats since the first one I made him wasn't long enough, so I inherited it and added a few rows and the plain brim to his new one.

The kid mohair/silk finally told me that it definately wanted to be a clapotis so I cast on for it yesterday morning, and am about 5 repeats in to the increase section. It's knitting up quite beautifully, I keep pausing to rub it on my cheek and remark how soft and lovely it is, and the silk content really does give it a nice sheen. I think this will be something that I'll use and love for a long time, and not just as a wedding day shawl.

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