Saturday, January 12, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions

A few days ago I was cleaning out my spam folder and found an email from Influenster telling me that I was selected to try out the new Fresh Infusions line from Palmolive. Imagine my surprise today when I opened my mailbox to find not one but THREE full size bottles of dish soap!

The three scents are Lemon Thyme, Ginger White Tea, and Lime Basil and they all smell incredible. When I first opened the box the lemon thyme had leaked just a tiny bit (the lid was not completely closed) and I was quite surprised by how good it smelled, more like fresh cut citrus than soap or a faux/chemical lemon smell.

I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to doing some dishes so I can try them each out! It will take my ages to get through all this dish soap but at least my kitchen will smell fresh and clean in the process ;)

Let me know if you are interested in trying out Influenster, and I can send you an invitation! This is the second time I have been selected to test out new products and it's a lot of fun, plus it introduces me to things I wouldn't normally tried (I'm pretty loyal to the original blue Dawn so I don't know that I would have picked these up) and I've found some new favorite items that I now can't live without.

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