Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Out and about

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here for the last few weeks (the rain is back this week, but for a 'Bama girl this isn't enough rain to bother me) and we've been getting out and exploring our new town.

Some of the fun places we've been and things we've seen in the last few weeks:
  • Tulip Festival in Woodburn
  • Tillamook Cheese Factory
  • Oregon Zoo
  • Seaside
  • Iris Festival in Keizer
This weekend starts the Rose Festival here in Portland and we're planning on going to see the fireworks on Friday night, then seeing the Alabama Shakes on Sunday. Not sure what we'll do for Memorial Day, but I'm sure looking forward to a long holiday weekend!


earthwirehead said...

if you went to the zoo, did you by any chance check out the rose gardens? awesome!

Elizabeth Adcock said...

They weren't blooming fully at the time but should be very soon. The Rose Festival starts tomorrow so we will be checking it out again!

earthwirehead said...

On our last trip, we walked from our hotel on the river to one end of Washington Park and spent most of the day, eventually catching the MAX line back to downtown at the other end.

To me, there is something profoundly surreal about being on a hiking trail in the middle of a forest--that just happens to be in the middle of a respectably large city.

The worst part of that trip was sitting at a sidewalk cafe in the Pearl District the day before we were flying back to Houston...and really, really not wanting to go.

I'm really happy you guys got to move to one of my favorite cities on the planet...and really looking forward to swinging up that way in September.