Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Posting has been pretty much non-existant around here recently, sorry about that! The biggest piece of news is that we relocated to Houston earlier this month so every spare minute has been spent unpacking or looking for houses.

I currently work in that unual shaped building on the far right (the Continental building, it's designed to look different from each side and offers SPECTACULAR views from that sharp angled side) but sometime in the next week or two I will be moving to that mirrored building that is right smack in the center (Texaco Heritage Plaza, where I will have an actual office w/ door as opposed to a cubicle)

I know there are tons of knitties in the area and I plan to join y'all for SnB night sometime soon!

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Linda said...

My husband came home with tickets to Houston for this summer I think and I said, "HOUSTON!!??" but it seems to be a lively crafty community. Lucky girl.